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Hello from KT

Post  kingtiger on Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:20 am

Well hello, my name is Corey and I make indietronica. I have released an album and two EPs (find them on BandCamp) and have a completed track on the Sonic CD project. I've participated in a couple contests on OCR and am still working on getting posted :/ although I have learned a lot about production recently which will help me in all of my musical endeavors.

I've played through all the Paper Mario games except the new 3DS one (since I don't own a 3DS), and I love them all... Thousand Year Door (GameCube) was probably my favorite though.

The two tracks I'm currently working on for Flat Notes are Goomba Village and Huff n Puff. I recently restarted Huff n Puff since the old version had a lot of good ideas but really was kinda boring and wasn't going anywhere, and Goomba Village is done except for needing new/better lyrics.

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Re: Hello from KT

Post  Hicky Eighth on Sat Apr 27, 2013 5:00 pm

Hello there KT!!! I was listening your track about Huff'n Puff'n, and i think it's good, aahhnn! I found it trough the e-mails messages, I have a critic comment to make for you, so, if you post a WIP topic here, I'll comment on it. my remix about Dojo's Master is outdated from the last year, I think soon I'll present a update, good free time is going short for me heheheh. Hopes that all go well for you, I, and this project. ( ^_^)

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